Criminal Records In UK

The criminal records in UK are maintained by the Criminal Records Bureau or CRB. The prime focus of this page is to offer information related to criminal records in United Kingdom. Read on to know more.

CRB, which maintains the UK criminal records, does not make them publicly accessible. These records cannot be viewed without the subject's permission. However, the employer may make such consent a pre-requisite of the employment. Information about criminal records of UK depends on the level of disclosure. For example, the low-level disclosures offer only unspent convictions which have not yet been expunged under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. On the other hand, the enhanced disclosures include all types of convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings. An enhanced criminal record in Great Britain may contain relevant information which need not be related only to criminal matters.

While preparing the criminal records in UK, any arrests which do not lead to an official prove of guilt, are not looked upon as part of a person's criminal record. These are not usually disclosed to the CRB. However, an enhanced disclosure may consist of any such additional information, which is offered with the discretion of the Chief Police Officer. These enhanced disclosures are generally used to monitor applicants for positions such as police officer and social worker which often involve contact with vulnerable groups.

As a part of the employment process in UK, one may be required to apply for a Criminal Record Check or CRB check. Especially, if you are seeking a position as a paid employee or as a volunteer, where your job will bring you into touch with vulnerable members of society, you will need to verify for criminal records in UK. Other job placements where the Disclosure Certificate is necessary includes job as a teacher, care worker, scout & guide leader, registered child minder, sports coach, youth club worker or foster carer. A CRB check may also be mandatory for a range of other types of jobs or license.