Solution on UK Road Transport Issues

How to solve current and pending issues in Road Transportation in UK

UK is a large developed country which its capital city London has booming businesses and a cradle of mankind from other different continents among them Africa. High population of people living in UK use transport for their daily errands therefore transportation sector encountering transportation issues which are passengers, insurances, mechanics who do repairs, safety and development. Transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to the other either through automobiles or manpower. The main causes of Transportation are,

Global warming

Global warming is caused by the gas emitted by automobiles leading to climate change due to the damage of the Ozone Layer. This pollution damages the quality of roads and transit oriented development. This issue can be prevented by moderating fuel consumption. Reckless drivers should be warned and also related sectors like driving schools should tackle this as part of the driving exam. Also speed governor should be introduced.


The transport sector should consider the pediatrician walking this can be done by expansion of roads thereby giving them a bypass for them to walk on. Not forgetting the cyclists. This way congestion on roads will be diminished.

Traffic Police.

Traffic police in collaboration with the involved sectors should work together by exchanging ideas on a simpler way to enhance transport rules and regulations. For instance provisional of licenses should be made the first priority. Also they should ensure that all traffic rights are working accordingly this will help solve the issue of transport


As a citizen residing in UK and you own a car, you also have provisional license, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your car is sound and ready to take road trips. Though there are various problems in the car you cannot be able to understand initially. You ought to have visited a mechanic before. Give you Engine the first priority. Put in mind that without the Engine no car. So you need to take special care of the engine.


The industries that do manufacture cars should be on the first line ensuring that no car ready for transportation has a defect; the government should also have a special panel that checks on all industries dealing with car sales. Doing this the government will definitely reduce the rate at which cars on transport cause many accidents due to defects ignored when the car was manufactured.

Tire technologies

This sector should also develop on their side by coming up with tires that are longer lasting. The tires that can maintain tire pressure when the car is on move. This move will lead to saving fuel consumption and other related expenditure. Tires technology improves stability on the roads and hence reducing the rate of accidents.


This sector should educate car owners on the importance of replacing transmissions lubricants with less viscous fluids. Also having your car with light body parts for example using aluminum or lightweight materials.

Transport Licensing Board.

This Licensing sector should ensure that persons given provisional licensethrough DSA Driving Test are of sound mind, responsible, disciplined, have undergone driving lessons. Whenever you are out with your family you must ensure that the above are on your finger prints. Ensure that you follow traffic rules. The trip you take while in UK should be enjoyable if citizens together with the government work towards making sure that there are no transport issues.

Those who are shopping for new cars ensure it has a first aid kit and repair kit if not please make an effort of purchasing one the kit gives confident when you driving to your destination.