How To Search Criminal Records?

Searching criminal records is very important especially for ordinary citizens or employers wanting to know about the person’s criminal history. Criminal records are considered public information today and these should be made available to anyone who wants to carry out a background check about a person. In this article, we will shed light on how to search criminal records. Read on.

If you have a new neighbor or are hiring a new employee, but you are not completely at ease of trusting him. Then checking criminal records on him can help ascertain whether that person has been convicted or not and give you your peace of mind. In order to search criminal records, the person must be introduced into the process. Most of the large public vendors offer criminal records searches that allow the user to request the search online. The results can be viewed online when they become available. This may take two to ten business days usually. This is the least cost effective way to obtain the information from checking criminal records, however.

Some courts will also carry out a free criminal records search over the phone. But the information one gets is often not to be relied upon, as one may not get complete or authentic information from the clerk. Responding to written requests may take weeks or even months to get the results by most courts.

The best way to check criminal records and get the information quickly and with minimum expense is to develop a network of “court runners” in places where criminal records search is required on a regular basis. Another option is to sign up with a good on-site public criminal records research company which already has its own well developed nationwide network. Employing these methods for searching criminal records is not only cost effective but faster too.

Some of the professional research firms for searching criminal records have a nationwide network of skilled court researchers. Armed with extensive quality control procedures in place, these are some of the best resources for criminal records search. Remember that checking criminal records of an individual can be a very time consuming process, especially if you want to execute the investigation yourself. To make the task a lot easier, it is advised to use the fee based criminal records search service websites for an easy yet thorough criminal records search.