What Are Criminal Records?

What are criminal records? Well, a criminal record is a written documentation of a person's criminal history. The criminal records comprise of relevant information which can be used by potential employers to evaluate his or her trustworthiness. Read on to know more about criminal records.

The criminal record information can vary between countries and even between several states or jurisdictions within a country. Moving on with the explanation of criminal records, you will come across some records where the individual has been convicted. Then there will be criminal records which document such cases as arrests, dismissed charges as well as those cases where the person was acquitted.

In most cases about criminal records, one will come across all non-expunged criminal offenses, which may comprise of traffic offenses like speeding and drunk-driving. In some countries the criminal records are restricted to actual convictions. Here the person has pleaded guilty or been declared guilty by a competent court. In other criminal records, arrests, dismissed charges, pending charges and even charges of which the individual has been acquitted are also documented. This is often argued as it is considered to be a human rights violation. It is seen as working converse to the assumption of innocence by exposing people to unfairness on the basis of unverified accusations.

There are plenty of databases available on criminal records, which are used by public record vendors to get information related to the people they wish to hire. However, as these databases are not linked or networked, it can be hard to say how authentic they are. Besides that one should remember hat each country or state has different rules and regulations. This makes it even more difficult to verify or regulate these criminal records.

A search on criminal records can also be done through the help of your local government agencies. The criminal records explained briefly in the above article would surely have expanded your knowledge on the subject. Browse the site to get other details on criminal records.